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Human Design / SOUL DESIGN

Introducing Spiritual Mechanics ~ the next level


Humanity is deep in the process of moving from a rudimentary state of awareness towards a multi-dimensional reality rooted in a spiritual awakening. The Soul is pivotal in this process of awakening that is happening and is designed by the stars with a unique path in place for this shift.

Understanding the complexities of the shifts, the changes within our system and using the tools of ancient methods, we see clearly how to manage as each of us are changing.

In this special live, two-hour lecture Kashi Stone presents an introduction to science of Human Design, the chakra system and the multi-dimensional being: body, emotions, mind and Soul. Including, an exploration on the mutation of the Solar Plexus that is happening with this current shift in humanity.

Public Lecture /   Two Hours / FREE

Slideshow presentation, mini-readings, Q & A time.

Four-Week Workshop      


The two-hour free lecture is an introductory class to a four-week course on Human Design / SOUL DESIGN. Remaining three weeks of course are conducted through online classroom.

Week 1
Introductory FREE two-hour lecture
Esoterics with Human Design
Introduction to The Five Bodies: Emotional, Physical, Etheric,  Spiritual and Mental with a deeper look at the Emotional Body
Introduction to timeline of astrological leaps in human consciousness

Week 2
7 to 9 Centers, what is new in Human Design and why
Find the Type of aura one has and how it operates.
Develop relationship between body and mind
Learn comprehensive tools for creating more stability, emotionally and mentally.

Week 3
Introduction to the Science of Light
A review of the Heart Chakra
Overview of the evolution of the Senses

Week 4
Superhuman and the personal signature
Overview of seven chakras
Portrait of enlightenment

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teacher of esoteric, eastern Vedic teachings in a modern style

Through gentle wisdom, translation of body, mental and spiritual mechanics are imparted for greater understanding and empowerment.

Workshops and lectures online and in person, internationally, private sessions, webinars, both in person and long distance are available for those seeking greater self-awareness.

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